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Terms of Use & Privacy
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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms for using this website

This is a legally binding agreement between Seekmove Ltd. and you, therefore it is advisable and recommended that you read these terms of using our website carefully. Please note that your continued use of our website shows that you agree to all terms of use mentioned below. If you do not agree to any of the terms mentioned, then please do not use this website.

1.   Who is Seekmove Ltd. and How You Can Contact Us

1.1       Seekmove Ltd. is not a letting or a sales agency. We’re only the providers of this website. Our members include commercial agents, estate agents, letting agents and new property developers who display real estate details on our website for you to view. Our registered address is located at Seekmove Ltd, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. 

1.2       You can contact us via email at or through post on the address given above,

2.   You Accept the Terms if You Continue Using This Website

2.1       The terms of use state all the obligations and rules that are applicable to you for using this website.

2.2       Your site use shows that you agree to and accept the terms and will conform to them.

2.3       It is advisable that you keep a printed copy of the terms of use for reference in the future as it serves as a legal binding agreement between both parties, you & us.

2.4       The terms of use is also linked to cookie policy and privacy policy which means you agree to other two policies too once you start using our website.

3. Terms Are Subject to Change

3.1 We have all rights reserved to amend or update the terms with and over time on this website, without notification. Therefore, it is advisable to you to review and check our terms of use page every time you use our website so that you understand and are well aware of the changes made.

4. Amendments on the Website

4.1 We, Seekmove Ltd., have all rights reserved to make changes to the website with and over time. We may change content f this website at any time, discontinue or suspend any aspect of the website including your access to the website. In case of major changes to the website, we’ll try to notify you.

5. Your Website Usage Obligations

5.1 You, the site user, agree that you’re responsible, solely, for making sure that your PC or any other technological device that you use to access this website meets all necessary technical specifications for proper site usage, and that the computer system that you use is website compatible.

5.2 You accept and agree that you will under no circumstance or condition misuse our site or system. You agree and accept that you will not hack, disrupt site or system operation or circumvent security by introducing Trojans, logic bombs, viruses, and any other type of malicious and harmful material/ technology. You agree not to misuse the forms on our website and that the forms that you submit to our website shall be a genuine enquiry.

5.3 You agree that you will not attempt or try to use any kind of automated programme such as spiders or web crawlers to access our site or system, fill out or send forms, search, obtain or display links other than the home page at and unless it, the automated programme identifies itself uniquely in the field of User Agent’s field and in conformance with the permitted programme, the REP (Robots Exclusion Protocol). You agree that you will not use any kind of scraping or harmful technology on our website. Any attempt of this sort shall be considered misuse of the site and system. Using or misusing the website through ill practices is not allowed and strictly unauthorised.

5.4 You accept and agree that you will not use offensive or inappropriate language, or upload content and solicit any type of commercial services on our website through any communication medium such as forms or email.

5.5 You agree to comply with our content standards mentioned in the terms of use whenever you use of our website, upload content or contact other users of this site. You guarantee that your failure to compliance with the terms and standards mentioned in clause six (6) will make you liable to us and also, indemnify us, Seekmove Ltd against any kind of breach.

6. Obligations for Interactive Service Use and Content Upload

6.1 If you fill the form on our website and submit it for enquiry, this shows that you agree and give us permission to add the details you’ve provided us in our database, in compliance with the Seekmove Ltd.’s Privacy Policy.

6.2 You agree that the content uploaded by you on our website shall be considered non-proprietary and non-confidential, and that Seekmove Ltd has the right, and authority to copy, use, disclose and distribute this content to 3rd parties for any reason or purpose. You also agree that due to legal reasons we may disclose and share your information and identity with any 3rd party that claims that uploaded or posted content by you to the Seekmove website breaches the legal rights of the 3rd party.

6.3 Please note that user views on the website don’t represent Seekmove Ltd.’s values or view.

6.4 All content uploaded by on our website must:

6.4.1 Be authentic and accurate.

6.4.2 Be genuine.

6.4.3 Conform to the country’s applicable law from which the content is posted.

6.5 Your content shall not:

6.5.1 Include or comprise of any kind of material that is defamatory or derogatory of any individual.

6.5.2 Include or comprise of any kind of material that is hateful, offensive, obscene, unethical, inflammatory, or immoral.

6.5.3 Include or comprise of any kind of material that does or can potentially infringe the IPR’s (Intellectual Property Rights) of other parties.

6.6 We, Seekmove Ltd, will determine at our own discretion that whether or not Clause 6 has been breached. If a breach of the policy occurs, we will take action as deemed appropriate. This action can include:

6.6.1 Your withdrawal of the right to use this website, immediately, permanently or temporarily.

6.6.2 Removal of uploaded or posted material by you on this website, immediately, permanently or temporarily.

6.6.3 legal action.

6.6.4 your information or data disclosure to law enforcement agencies, if felt necessary.

6.7 We reserve all rights to remove or take down content of any kind uploaded by you on our website at any given time without any prior notice and giving you any reason.

7. Registration

7.1 If you wish to receive property detail from our website , then you will have to fill and submit a registration form with us. You agree that it is our discretion that we may reject your registration application. If your registration application is accepted, then we will inform you and confirm it to you via email that will contain your account ID.

7.2 Every user has a separate registration. Therefore, you shall not share or provide your username or password to others users on the network.

7.3 The information that we have provided on our site is for primarily general interest, and therefore it does not include specific advice.

7.4 You acknowledge and agree that all the information that provided to us for registration purpose by you is complete, authentic and accurate.

7.5 You accept full responsibility for keeping your registration account details such as ID & password. And that you will immediately notify us in case your account is used by any unauthorised user or security breach from any other source.

7.6 We, at Seekmove Ltd, have all rights to discontinue, disable or cease any account, at any point and time if we find out that you have failed to conform to the provisions listed in these terms.

8.   Intellectual Property

8.1       You acknowledge and agree that the copyright as well all IPRs on this website including but not limited to all trademarks, database rights, trading names, service marks, graphics, codes, text, links and files belong to Seekmove Ltd or to our licensors. All rights belong to and are reserved by Seekmove Ltd.

8.2       Keeping in consideration clause 4 (four), you can download material available on our website but cannot and shall not transmit, republish, copy, frame, store, link or pass off any information or material on our website or downloaded, unless and before we provide you with a written consent.

8.3       Word marks and devices are Seekmove Ltd.’s registered marks which you shall not copy or use under any circumstance unless and before you have our written consent.

8.4       You agree and acknowledge that we, the Seekmove Ltd, is the licensee and owner of all the IPRs on this website, and of all the published and uploaded material on the website.

9. Warranty

9.1 Though we try our best efforts to make sure that any and all material posted on this website for downloading is not corrupt or infected, we do not affirm, or guarantee that it will be free from viruses or infections.

9.2 We, Seekmove Ltd, do not under any circumstance warrant or guarantee that your website access will be either error free or uninterrupted. You agree that we have all rights to withdraw, change, suspend or discontinue any or all parts of this website at any time and without any prior notification. You will not hold us liable if under any circumstance we are unable to process your information or details.

9.3 You acknowledge that the information available on our website is only for general purpose and interest and is not posted for providing specific advice. We do not make any kind of representation, or guarantee you that the content on this website is complete, updated and accurate.

9.4 You agree and acknowledge that Seekmove Ltd makes no warranties or any kind of representation that the real estate information on our website is accurate, latest, complete or correct.

9.5 We, Seekmove Ltd, do not guarantee or warrant that our website or the information provided on the site is in conformance with the laws of other countries, other than England.

9.6 Only to what is permitted by law, we at Seekmove Ltd, exclude all warranties, conditions, terms and representations which apply to this website or content posted on it either implied or expressed.

9.7 Please note that we’re not an estate company or an agency. The information related to properties posted on the website are given to us, Seekmove Ltd, by 3rd parties such as commercial agents, estate agents, landlords, lettings agents, developers of new homes and overseas real estate owners to provide you with information. Therefore, the information posted on the site is not verified and we make no representation or warrant that the details related to properties on our website are complete or accurate. So, you, the user of the information, are advised to rely or use the information at your own risk. Also, we, at Seekmove Ltd, recommend all users of the information to first check and verify the details regarding any property advertised with a landlord or a home developer before you make a decision. We will not be responsible for or liable to you in case if the information is incorrect or misleading.

10. Barring or Excluding From the Website

10.1  We, Seekmove Ltd, have all rights reserved to exclude any user from our website or/and disable, suspend or restrict their use of or access any part of the website or of the services, on temporary or permanent basis, that too at our own and sole discretion. However, before doing so we’ll notify you. After barring you from the site, you agree not to make any attempt to access or use the site with a fake ID or other name or through other website users.

11. We Have All Rights to Withdraw or Suspend Our Website

11.1 Our website can be used free of charge.

11.2 We, Seekmove Ltd, do not affirm or guarantee you that this website or any information/content posted on the site is or will be available on the site, always. We have all the rights reserved to withdraw and suspend and even restrict either any or all parts of this website for any reason—operational or business. However, we will notify the users prior to withdrawal or suspension, if possible.

11.3 You, the site user, are also liable for making sure that all the people who access to our website using your IP or internet connection or user ID are well aware of the terms of site use and conditions, and must use the site in conformance to them.

12. Our Website is designed for UK Residents

12.1 Our website is designed and directed for UK residents. We do not recommend or represent the information and content posted on our website is appropriate or reliable for those users living outside the UK.

13. We’re Not Liable for Sites that We Are Linked to

13.1 Please note that our website may contain links to other and 3rd party operated websites. We, Seekmove Ltd, have zero control of the content they post on the linked website. Therefore, we make no warranty or representation that the information that appears on the websites linked to our website is accurate or complete.  The links on the site are only for user convenience. We make no recommendations of any of the advertised services or products on the linked sites. So, if you under any circumstance decide to use the information on or access the 3rd party site that is linked to our website, you will do it at your own risk and sole discretion.

14. Site Linking Rules

14.1 You shall not link any website to our website without our written consent. When and if given written permission, you are only allowed to create link (s) to our website’s homepage but in a way that it doesn’t damage our market reputation, hurt our image or expose Seekmove Ltd to any risk. You agree that we, Seekmove Ltd, reserve all rights to withdraw our linking permission that too without any reason or prior notification.

14.2 Our website shall not be framed nor may you develop or create links to other pages of our website.

14.3 You shall not create links that suggest our association, endorsement or approval of your website.

15. Our Responsibility Pertaining to Any Damage or Loss That You Suffer

15.1 Regardless of whether you’re a customer or business user, at Seekmove Ltd., we don’t limit or exclude our liability towards you such as liability for personal injury or death if caused due to negligence by us or our employees, subcontractors, subcontractors or agents.

15.2 Keeping in consideration clause 15.1, Seekmove Ltd. shall not under any circumstance be responsible for any kind of failure that may occur because of internet problems, or software issues.

15.3 Keeping in consideration clause 15.1, Seekmove Ltd. does not under any circumstance accept any form of liability if you lose your password and account ID due to system breakdown, power outage, or any other error.

15.4 With and over time we, Seekmove Ltd, may use and introduce new systems to prevent and stop automated programmes from using or obtaining unauthorised access or breaking into our site and system. You’re not allowed to use any type of automated programme for any such purpose. In case, if you do use or attempt to use automated programme, you will be solely responsible for your actions and we will take no responsibility for any consequence that may arise from or is associated with your attempt of using automated programme for unauthorised access to our site or system.

15.5 We shall not be responsible for damage or loss to your computer system, programs, data or any other proprietary material caused by viruses, DDS, or other malicious software and while using our website or when downloading content from it or accessing another website linked to our site.

15.6 You acknowledge that your details such as your email ID will be provided by us to the relevant property developer, estate agent, or landlord when you make enquiries using our contact forms. You also agree that we, Seekmove Ltd shall not be responsible or accept any kind of liability for communications between you and the developer, estate agent or landlord.

15.7 If you’re a consumer,

15.7.1 You acknowledge that this site is only for private and domestic use. And that you will not under any circumstance use this site for business or commercial reasons/purposes. You agree that we, Seekmove Ltd., have no responsibility towards you for any kind of business loss, loss of income or profit or business interruption.

15.7.2 If digital content supplied by us is defective or causes damage to your device and if it is caused due to failure at our end then we shall either compensate you or repair the damages.

15.8 If you use our site for business purposes then keeping in consideration clause 15.1.

15.8.1 We, Seekmove Ltd., exclude all the implied warranties, conditions, terms and representations pertaining to our website and content published on it.

15.8.2 We, Seekmove Ltd., shall not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss, whether in tort, contract, and statutory duty breach or otherwise that may arise in connection or under the: Inability to or use of our website; Reliance on or use of any content that is displayed on the website.

15.8.3 We, Seekmove Ltd., shall not be responsible for: Loss of sales, profits, revenues or business; Interruption in business; Anticipated savings loss; Business opportunity loss, goodwill loss, or reputation damage; or Any consequential or indirect damage or loss.

16. In Case of Dispute, Laws of What Country Are Applicable

16.1 For consumers, it is important to understand that the terms including their formation, as well as subject matter are administered by the law of England. You, the consumer, and we, Seekmove Ltd. both acknowledge that the Wales and England courts shall have jurisdiction exclusively. However, if you belong to Northern Ireland, then and only then you shall bring the proceedings here (Northern Ireland). Likewise for Scotland residents, proceedings will be brought in Scotland.

16.2 If you’re a business owner, then the terms, including their formation and subject matter (non-contractual claims or disputes), shall be administered by the law of England. Parties, you and Seekmove Ltd. agree that England and Wales courts will have jurisdiction, exclusively.

17. Customer Response

17.1 We, at Seekmove Ltd., will try to make sure that all feedback provided by the customers shall be dealt will transparently and recorded properly. We are open to customer suggestions related to our service and how we can improve them.  If you want to send us your feedback, then simply write to on our address mentioned in the beginning of the Terms of Use.

17.2 Phone calls either from or to Seekmove Ltd.’s advertisers, including but not limited to 3rd parties, landlords, developers and estate agents will be recorded for monitoring and training purposes.

Privacy Policy

About Seekmove Ltd.

We, Seekmove Ltd., are the owners and operaters of this website referred in the policy as site or website. Our VAT (Value Added Tax) number is 279978118. We’re registered with ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) and our registration number is 00045102487.

We offer this website to Seekmove Ltd.’s registered members for advertising their properties over the web. Seekmove Ltd.’s members include commercial agents, estate agents, letting agents, and new property developers. These members can display their properties on our website and market it to potential consumers. Please note, we’re not an estate agency.

In this privacy policy, we shall refer the user of this website or service user as “you” and “your”.


At Seekmove Ltd, we strive for your privacy protection. This policy explains about how we collect information of site users, and for what purpose. Therefore, before you start using this website, it is advisable that you read our Privacy Policy carefully. If you continue to use this website or any service offered by us, it means that we have your consent and that you agree to our data processing methods stated in this policy.

Please note that sometimes we may use the data provided by you to offer additional communication and marketing services, but this is optional as you can opt out, if you want. To learn more about this, see our Communication and Marketing Section of this policy.

Also, our privacy policy is related only to the personal data that is collected by us from you through this website or from 3rd parties like social media companies. Therefore, this policy doesn’t include or relate any property or real estate information that is provided by the site members to us. Feel free to contact your lettings or estate agent directly to ask any query about information related to your real estate/property on our website or contact us at the address given below.

Contact Us

You can contact us by sending us an email at or writing to our designated customer service team at Seekmove Ltd, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NT.

Please contact us if you want to ask us a question regarding our Privacy Policy, or information use, or you want to unsubscribe from our communication and marketing messages or if you want to submit a request for subject access. 

What Type of Personal Data Does Seekmove Ltd. Collects About Site or Service Users?

Information that you provide to us

We’ll collect all the information provided by you to us when you use our website. If you decide to access any search features or fill the form on our website, then you will be asked to provide us your personal information. This will include information like your name and also, your contact details. Please note, that we shall also collect other type of information from you at that time such as details regarding the property type you’re particularly interested in, property location and cost. We’ll also collect all the information provided by you when you:

- Register as a Seekmove user,

- Request for real estate email updates,

- Participate in our discussion boards,

- Participate on social media platforms on our website or sites that may be operated by 3rd parties associated with us; or

- Enter competitions, surveys or promotions.

Also, we’ll collect and all the information provided by you when you correspond with Seekmove Ltd on phone, email or any other medium of communication.

Information that we gather about you

This information is different from the data that you provide us primarily because this information collected is more on the technical side. For example, we, Seekmove Ltd. shall collect technical data that helps us identify you like your IP address, login information, time-zone setting, your browser version and type, operating system & platform, web browser version and plug in types.

Furthermore, we shall also gather information related to your site browsing activities such as full URL (uniform resource locators) clickstream to, through & from our website (this includes time and date), products that you have viewed on our website, products that you have searched for on our website, page-response time, the time you have spent on different pages of our website, download errors experienced, information related to page interaction like clicks, mouse overs and scrolls, methods that you have used to browse our site pages and also, any contact number that you have used to call and connect with our customer service representative.

Additionally, we shall also keep your record regarding to the partners and advertisers that you have contacted and even the contents in your emails that you have sent to them.

Information that we, Seekmove Ltd, obtain related to you from 3rd parties

We may obtain information about or related to you, if you, the user, happen to browse through any other website that may be operated by us or the other services that we offer. Data collected may be combined with the data that we’ve collected from the Seekmove Ltd. website or shared internally. We may also obtain information about or related to you from 3rd parties that we’re closely working with like  social media websites, sub-contractors in payment, delivery & technical services, business partner, analytics providers, advertising networks, credit reference and search information agencies.

What Does Seekmove Ltd. Do With the Personal Data Collected About You, the User?

This section primarily details about how exactly we, Seekmove Ltd., use the data that we collect about you, the user, and your site usage. We shall use the information collected about your site usage:

- To provide better services on our website to you;

- To pass on your messages and searches to our, Seekmove Ltd.’s, members including commercial agents, developers, landlords, lettings agents, international private vendors, estate agents, and lettings agents so that they can communicate and interact with you directly, and thus offer you better and personalised services. They may contact you, and even, add you in their business enquiry database;

- To provide better services to 3rd parties and also our members; and that they can also use information provided to benchmark performance;

- To enrich and customise our website to deliver better site user experience;

- To permit you to take part in interactive services that are available on our website, or participate in promotional activities and competitions on our website;

- To get in touch with you for your feedback about our services offered, and occasionally we may even contact you to inform you about new site developments, services and changes in our Site Usage Terms;

- To provide relevant advertising while you are using our website.

Technical Use

This section predominantly details about the things that Seekmove Ltd. does with the data that is gathered about users during website monitoring and while using our website. We, Seekmove Ltd., may use the information collected:

- To determine site usage patterns much needed to develop better marketing strategies; and also to develop, support, improve and administer features, adverts and services;

- For site optimisation and improvement;

- To make sure that our website content is presented effectively to users;

- For site administration and internal operations like data analysis, research, troubleshooting, survey purposes, testing, and research; and

- To improve the security of our website.

Please note that we, Seekmove Ltd., may also combine personal and technical information collected about you to process your information in a better way as stated in our policy.

The Use of Data Concerning You, for Communication and Marketing Purposes

At times, we, Seekmove Ltd., shall use the information collected about you to provide promotional messages about 3rd party services, or allow them to communicate about their services directly to you. However, we’ll do this after we have your consent. Also, you can opt out of such marketing and communication activities at any point and time by getting in touch with us via email or post. View our contact us section for contact details. Besides this, you can use our website regardless of whether you agree or not to marketing.

If you agree and upon your consent, we shall use your information in the following ways:

- Provide direct marketing communication and advertising to you by emailing and texting you, posting you or calling or through our selected 3rd parties;

- Make recommendations and suggestions to both you as well as other users of our website about our products and services that may be of yours or their interest;

- Communicate and interact with you, the site user, on 3rd party social media channels;

- Provide information about you to selected 3rd parties so that those parties can get in touch with you and offer you services and products of your interest;

- Monitor the performance and effectiveness of Seekmove Ltd.’s direct marketing efforts and your response.

Who Can Access Your Personal Information?

- We will retain and have access to the information (personal and technical data) collected about or from you. However, once your data is passed to any of the Seekmove Ltd.’s members for providing you with products or services of your interest then that member of Seekmove Ltd. shall have access and copy of your information regarding property enquiry made by you along with your contacts so that they can reach out to you easily. Once your information is in their hands, they will be responsible for ensuring the privacy of your personal information and, then that information will also be subject to their privacy policy terms. Therefore, we shall not be responsible for either use or information manipulation or misuse by that member.

- Please note that, if our services are available through the sites of our business partners, then those partners shall get access to or have the right to use your personal information. We, Seekmove Ltd. can have different sites linked to our website. However, linking does not, under any circumstance or condition, mean that we’re responsible for the security, content, privacy practices or policies of linked websites, even if you happen to click on them and visit them through our website or use their services. Hence, we advise you to check their policies and privacy practices first to make sure that you’re comfortable with the way they run their website and manage user data and information, before you provide your confidential information to them or start using their site or services.

- We shall disclose and share your personally identified data with the prospective buyer or seller in the event of business acquisition, or merger, or if we sell our business or if we buy or sell our assets. However, we’ll ensure that such information exchange is carried safely.

- If we, Seekmove Ltd. offers or supplies a service(s) through a 3rd party to you, then we shall pass your personal information to them so that they can deliver you the service. By using our website you permit us to provide your details (personal data and information) to our authorised 3rd parties to offer you services on our behalf. Additionally, we shall also get assistance from 3rd parties to process information about users on our behalf. We’ll nonetheless make sure that the information is not provided to anyone who does not comply with our contract terms. Also, these 3rd parties shall not be allowed to use your private information for the purpose of marketing, without your approval or consent.

- Seekmove Ltd. shall not disclose, distribute or sell your private information to 3rd parties unless we have your permission to do so or otherwise if we’re required by law or need professional advice.

Where is Your Personal Information Stored?

The information collected by us from you is transferred to a destination that is outside EEA (the European Economic Area) and stored there. The information stored there shall be processed by a team that either works for us, our contractors or suppliers but operates from a location that is outside EEA.

Here, it is important to understand that territories outside EEA do not have the same legal protections as those territories that are located inside EEA. However, we shall try to make sure that our contractors and suppliers present outside EEA take adequate measures to ensure that the data pertaining to you is managed properly and safely, in conformance with our privacy policy. Once you provide and submit your personal information to us, Seekmove Ltd., it shows that you fully agree to our data storage, transfer and processing methods.

Although at Seekmove Ltd, we try our best to keep your data well-protected and secure, however, we cannot fully guarantee or warrant the security of transmitted data to our website; therefore, transmit it at your own risk. We will make sure to use best security features and strict procedures to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your data.

We, at Seekmove Ltd. follow strict security practices to make sure that personal data provided by you is not mishandled, destroyed and damaged, or shared with 3rd parties without your consent. We make sure that our computers that we use for storing your information are well-protected and kept in a facility that is secure and has limited physical access. We also use Firewalls to restrict and limit electronic access of unauthorised users. And when working with 3rd parties, we make that they have similar security measures in place to keep your information protected from unauthorised users.

Also, at Seekmove Ltd, only those staff members from our team are given access to personal data of our users who need to perform or carry out a specific task.

We request you to cooperate with us by updating your personal information that you have given to us earlier in case of any inaccuracy or changes such as in your address or phone number. Also, as a registered user, we expect you to keep your password confidential which we have provided you to access different parts of our website. Please do not share or disclose it to anyone as it can be misused, and we will not be responsible for it.

Your Rights

We, Seekmove Ltd. give you (the user) the right to stop us from using or processing your personally identifiable data/information at any given time.

Being a user, it is your right to browse or use our website without accepting to communications or marketing services offered by us. We’ll notify you, if we want to use your personal information for such activities or disclose it to our 3rd parties for such activities. To determine your consent status, we use the latest form that you submit to us because that is the most current. Please note that if you’re a register user of the website and are using it without signing in, then we’ll be unable to save settings upon form submission and thus, consider your current consent to be according to the form that we already have.  However, you can use your right and avoid such processing activities by ticking on some of the boxes on the form that we use to gather & collect data.

DPA or the 1998 Data Protection Act gives users the right to view and access the information that we have about you. However, the right should be exercised in compliance with DPA. If you request to access information, you will have to pay a fee of £10 pounds.

Cookies & Tracking

We, at Seekmove Ltd also use “cookies” like many other websites. The use of cookies enables us to personalise user visits and deliver a better site browsing experience. Besides this, it also helps us simplify the procedure of signing in, keeping a track of how you use the website and your preferences. 

Policy Changes and Updates

We shall continue to make changes to our privacy policy and terms of use. Any changes made shall be posted on our policy page, without any notification. Therefore, you’re requested to read the policy every time before you use our website to make sure that you’re fully aware of the changes and updates made to the policy. If needed, we shall notify you via email.


Details Updated Successfully